Wishing well

John, Stephen, and Todd examine the wishing well.

The wishing well is an object seen in "Todd & Bull Story". Truly, it is actually a bundle of stage props that fell into a pile resembling a wishing well, but many students started making wishes in it, which Todd had to help the wishes come true. At the end of the episode, the wishing well is destroyed, and the students demand a refund after learning it was fake the whole time.

Wishes requested

  • Stephen wished for people to appreciate Halloween as much as he does. Granted when he sees Todd wearing a bucket on his head.
  • John wished that he could fly. Granted when Todd carries him across the schoolyard after he jumps off of the well.
  • The Three Erics wish to have their ball back. Granted when Todd throws the ball out of the well.
  • Dana wishes there were more rules at Wayside School. Granted when Todd requests she wouldn't throw so hard after being hit on the head with her coin.
  • Eric Bacon and Stephen's voices are heard, wishing for a new bike and more wishes, respectively. Neither of these are granted.
  • Bebe, Joe, Shari, Rondi, Jenny, and Leslie are seen at the well, but none of them have wishes heard or granted.
  • Myron wishes to find the props for the school play, granted when the well is destroyed.
  • Principal Kidswatter wishes to have a second challenge against La Boca Loca. Granted when Todd and Myron disguise themselves as the bull to fight against him.
  • At the end, everyone wishes for a refund, granted by Todd, who gives back all the quarters he collected.

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