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Todd is the new student in Mrs. Jewls' 30th-floor class and is the main protagonist of the series.He feels like the only person in Wayside with any common sense. He originally transf erred to Wayside after an accident involving helping kindergarten kids with retrieving toys, only for an unusual series of events to happen, leading the toys to be destroyed by a wood chipper.
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Rank Called Species Name
Different Domain Archaea Caldococcus Mrs. Gorf
Bacteria Rubrobacter Principal Kidswatter
Sphaerobacter Bebe Gunn
Different Kingdom Chromalveolata Litostomatea Miss Zarves
Excavata Leishmania tropica Benjamin Nushmutt
Plant Anthocerotaceae Louis
Different Phylum
Superphylum: Deuterostomia
Arthropoda Pleocyemata Nancy
Ricinoides Sammy
Gastrotricha Papa Jewls
Kinorhyncha Cyclorhagida Myron
Orthonectida Le Chef
Platyhelminthes Stichocotyle nephropis DJ
Porifera Aplysilla Todd
Priapulida Halicryptus Terrence
Maccabeus Rondi
Tubiluchus Stephen
Different Class Appendicularia Ivil Keseau
Ascidiacea Ecteinascidia Joy
­Chondrichthyes Chimaera Shari
Conodonta Promissum Jenny
Reptilia Palaeopleurosaurus Mrs. Jewls
Different Order ­Dasyuromorphia Sminthopsis Dameon
Didelphimorphia Didelphidae Jason
Diprotodontia Burramyidae Sue
Erinaceomorpha Hedgehog Dana
Lagomorpha Rabbit Kathy
Rodentia Anomalure John
Beaver Deedee
Rat Ron
Squirrel Leslie
Different Family Tarsiidae Tarsius Goon
Monkey Maurecia
Different Tribe Gorillini Gorilla Mr. Gorf

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