Front Cover

Wayside School: Season 1 is a two-disc DVD Set featuring all 13 half-hour episodes of Season 1 of Wayside, released on August 19th, 2008 by Paramount Home Entertainment. It was the first and only release of any of the episodes on DVD besides Wayside: The Movie.


  1. Pull My Pigtail / Class Cow
  2. Meet the Pets / Oh, Great Leader
  3. Honors Class / Cabbage, My Boy
  4. Mascot Madness / He is It
  5. Best Friendzzz / Kindergarten King
  6. Myron vs. Normy / Age of Aquarium
  7. Channel Kidswatter / The Elevator
  8. Mad Hot / Mamaland Blues
  9. Principles of Principals / Teacher's Parent Conference
  10. Rat in Shining Armor / Mrs. Gorf
  11. Todd Falls in Love / French Fried
  12. Music Lessons / Todd & Bull Story
  13. Louis Gets Some Class / My Fluffy Hair


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