Wayside: The Movie
Season 0, Episode 1
Wayside Movie
Air date November 15, 2005
Written by John Derevlany (concept)

Lin Oliver

Directed by Riccardo Durante
Episode guide
Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger
Pull My Pigtail
Wayside (also known as Wayside: The Movie on home video) was a mid-length television film that served as the pilot for Wayside (TV Series). It was first aired on Teletoon on November 15, 2005, and released to DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment on September 25, 2007.


Todd gets transferred to Wayside School, a school that was accidentally stacked 30 stories high instead of 30 rooms sideways. He is assigned tries to Mrs. Jewls' class on the 30th floor, where he attempts to fit in with the class, usually with mixed results. However, due to his failure to cope with the school's unorthodox system of learning, Mrs. Jewels writes his name on the discipline list and circles, and has a checkmark next to it, despite the fact that Todd did nothing wrong.

The teacher threatens him that he will be sent home on the kindergarten bus almost every day. The class was about to be crushed by the trash compactor that was accidentally on the 30th floor and the machine would work every time the PA comes on, Todd's outbursts start, and Mrs. Jewls writes his name under the word "discipline" and sends him home on the kindergarten bus.

Mrs. Jewls and her class play dodgeball, and Principal Kidswatter tags Todd and is finally tagged. Mrs. Jewls pronounces Dana as class president. While Todd is sent home again on the kindergarten bus after he does more outbursts to Mrs. Jewls, the trash compactor is on again. Dana cries and tells Mrs. Jewls that she herself is the worst class president. Todd, however, has snuck outside Mrs. Jewls' classroom, and tells Maurecia and Mrs. Jewls and the students that he has to get them out.

Meanwhile, Todd saves them from being crushed by the trash compactor that was accidentally on the 30th floor and the machine would work every time the PA comes on. Finally, Myron has found the emergency shutoff. Back in Mrs. Jewls' class, Dana gives Todd a new desk, and Todd throws it out.

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