Way High-Up Ball is a game played in Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger in the chapter "Way High-Up Ball". It was invented, and primarily played by the Three Erics, though characters such as Louis have also been shown playing it.

How to play

In order to play Way High-Up Ball, the player needs a ball and a really tall school, though other tall buildings most likely work as well. The player must toss the ball in the air until it hits the school. The number of the floor it hits is the same number as the amount of points the player who hits the ball recieves. As the ball falls, whoever catches it recieves the same number of points. For example, if Eric Fry were to hit the ball and have it reach the sixth floor, he'd recieve six points. If Eric Ovens then proceded to catch the ball, he'd also recieve six points. If the ball does not touch the building, then it is considered a "glopper", and no points are recieved. Due to teachers being annoyed with the ball constantly hitting their floor, the sport has also been banned from being played.


  • One time the sport was played, Louis hit the ball up between the eighteenth and twentieth stories, and it never came back down. There is no nineteenth story, though evidence in the series shows things can be trapped there.

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