You know how on some pages like Mrs. Jewls we have a tabber feature for seperate sections? Well I reccomend doing this for all characters who appear in both the books and TV series. This is due to the fact that often, characters such as Myron are practically the opposite of themselves in the book. Using this feature would help separate information on the two versions of the series. Articles would be split into things like Myron (Book) and Myron (Cartoon). That way, conflicting information does not wind up on pages.  On characters such as Joy or Allison, however, only one page should be needed, since they are only in the books. Same applies for characters like Goon or Ivil Keseau, who were only in the cartoon. We will need new admins, though, (I reccomend myself, don't worry, I'm good with wiki cleanup), to delete some unnecessary pages, and also to possibly help with the Wiki theme, such as a new logo and background. I'm aware this Wiki is not too active, however, cleanup would help make it more pleasant for visiting.

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