Gender: Female
Hair color: Plum
Eye color: Black
Species: fools human
Age: 8
Personal Information
  Unnamed purple-haired girl

Unnamed artistic girl Unnamed boy with braces Unnamed turtle-neck boy Todd (possibly)

Production Information
First Appearance:
  Wayside: The Movie (no lines)
Last Appearance:
  Upside Down John (no lines)
Voiced by:
Lisa Ng & Denise Oliver
An unnamed girl seen on the series has long plum hair, dark skin, a purple dress, striped socks and black shoes. Some say she could be Joy, however this is unknown. She is voiced by Lisa Ng and Denise Oliver.


Unnamed artistic girl

She is often seen with her meaning they could be best friends.

Unnamed purple-haired girl

She liked her Nick story as seen in Myth of Nick.

Unnamed braces boy

The braces boy is seen talking with her. They could be good friends.

Unnamed turtle-neck boy

It looks like the boy could be another friend of her, however this is unknown.


She is seen with Todd and her friends in Dr. Dana. Her relationship with him is currently unknown.

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