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Todd and Maurecia

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Best Friends
Love Interest (From Maurecia's point of view)

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Torecia, is the pairing of Todd and Maurecia, (To/dd and Mau/recia) which is one of the most recognized pairings in the Series. In the Wayside series and movie, Maurecia sometimes shows her affection to Todd by punching him in the shoulder, while simply being friendly to him and other people. But, due to Fluffy seeing Todd as a threat to his friendship with Maurecia (even though Todd doesn't pose a threat all all), he is jealous of Todd and hates him. Aside from people against Todd and Maurecia's relationship, the relationship is recently been on and off. This started when Maurecia had a crush on him in the movie and always tried to show it. After that, throughout the series Maurecia sometimes shows her affection while Todd seems to either deny it or is scared of her. Although Todd seems to only want himself and Maurecia as only friends, on some episodes, it suggests that Todd loves Maurecia as a friend and possibly more than a friend. On the other hand, Maurecia seems to love Todd in the most erratic and sometimes painful ways (from holding hands to just saying hi and punching him). Recently, this is the most popular relationship article throughout the show (Second best relationship article: Myron and Dana).


  • Todd and Maurecia's relationship is similar to Luigi and Daisy's relationship from the Mario series by Nintendo.
  • Maurecia's crush on Todd is similar to Kitty's crush on Eric from Sidekick.

Scenes Hinting Their Relationship

  • In the episode Daring Love Todd tells Jenny that he is "sorta" in a relationship with Maurecia and therefore she cannot like him.
  • In the episode Rat in Shining Armor Todd was apologizing to Maurecia, he was going to say that he likes her but he could not say the whole sentence because Maurecia honked on his costume.


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