Wayside School
Season 2, Episode 11b
The Three Erics Title Card
Air date March 17, 2007 (USA)
Written by Rob Tinkler
Directed by Riccardo Durante
Episode Guide
"Kidswatter's Opus"
"Le Race"
I don't know about that. I just want to be noticed.

Eric Ovens responding to Myron's advice.

"The Three Erics" is the twenty-second episode of Wayside in Season 2 and the forty-sixth overall.


In Mrs. Jewls' class, Eric Fry and Eric Bacon are the ones getting picked and getting gold stars and Eric Ovens is never picked. Because he is the smallest Eric, he isn't picked a lot. When Myron convinces Eric Ovens to become Myron Ovens, the Erics need another Eric who'll do the same as them. Maurecia is picked just so she can be in the same column as Todd. But things get worse when Myron Ovens wants to become Eric again.


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