The Rat Truth/Free Stewy is the 18th episode of Wayside

The Rat Truth

Sammy is sick (but still dead somehow), so Miss Mush leaves him in Dana's care while she goes to find the Golden Bowl of the Mama Land (it's just a golden trash can) to cure Sammy. Meanwhile, Sammy is being used as a truth stick by the students so they can express their deepest desires. But when Mr.Kidswatter overhears their excitement, he kidnaps Sammy to use him as his own personal truth stick! Now, Todd, Maurecia, Dana and Myron must rescue the rat carcass before Miss Mush gets back!

Free Stewy

On their way to class, Todd and Maurecia meet a playful octopus named Stewy...and learn that he's going to be on the lunch menu! With help from Dana and Myron (who just wants to use Stewy to take over the world), they not only have to keep him safe from Miss Mush, but a crazy(-er) Mr. Kidswatter as well, who thinks Stewy is the same octopus who ate his fisherman's platter years ago. In the end, they find out Stewy was actually a foregin exchange student from the Mama Land.


  • Free Stewy is a play on the movie Free Willy.
  • Mrs Jewls allows Sammy to be in the classroom even though in the book she doesn't accept dead rats in her classroom.