You don't want to get in trouble, right? Just let me answer the note for you.

Eric Bacon

Wayside School
Season 2, Episode 13b
The Note Title Card
Air date August 27, 2008
Written by Rob Tinkler
Directed by Riccardo Durante
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"Miss Fortune"
"The Note" is the second half of the twenty-sixth episode of Wayside. It is the final episode of the show, and the current end of the Wayside School franchise.



One day, Mrs. Jewls gives the class a pop quiz and the kids need to finish it by the time Mrs. Jewls gets a high score in pinball. During the exam, Maurecia tries to pass a note to Todd but accidentally gets it passed to Eric Bacon who starts a chain of the whole class answering Maurecia's note. Todd now needs to get the note back from everyone including Kidswatter who gets lies saying the note says how much Mr. Kidswatter is liked.