Wayside School
Season 2, Episode 10b
Written by John Derevelany
Directed by Riccardo Durante
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"Upside Down John"
"Kidswatter's Opus"
Oh, my sweet lastic orb. Your bands may be rubber, but your heart is all gold.

Principal Kidswatter describing his rubber band ball.

"The Final Stretch" is the twentieth episode of season two of Wayside and the forty-fourth overall. Its sister episode is "Upside Down John". It is the final episode of the show, and the current end of the Wayside School franchise.


Main characters

Minor characters


Principal Kidswatter's rubber band ball has gone missing and he asks Stephen, Maurecia, Todd, Dana, Myron and a cow who took it. A crying Stephen blames Myron, Myron blames Dana, Dana blames Maurecia, Maurecia blames Todd, Todd blames no one, and the cow blames Kidswatter.


[Todd, Maurecia, Dana and Myron sitting outside the principal's office, scared]

Stephen: [Walking out of the principal's office, crying] You're next, Myron!

Todd: Hey! Where's Myron?

Myron: [Bumps Todd, Maurecia and Dana]

Todd: Hey!

Todd, Maurecia and Dana: Myron!

Principal Kidswatter: [Opens door] Next!

Myron: Hey! No fair!

Principal Kidswatter: [Takes Myron into the office] Which one of you watchamacallits did this?

Myron: Did what, Mr. Kidswatter?

Principal Kidswatter: [Points the desk] This!

Myron: [Points the wrong way] This?

Principal Kidswatter: [Points closer] No, this!

Myron: [Points the wrong way] This?

Principal Kidswatter: No, this!

Myron: Oh, this! But it looks empty!

Principal Kidswatter: Exactly! Do you know what's supposed to be on my empty desk?

Myron: No.

Principal Kidswatter: [Shows a picture of his rubber band ball to Myron] This! My rubber band ball! [Talks to the picture] Oh, my sweet lastic orb. Your bands may be rubber, but your heart is all gold.

Myron: [Blinks twice]

Principal Kidswatter: I worked six months on this one. I was supposed to show it at the great principal's meeting tonight. [Day-dreams]

Principals: [Chanting Kidswatter's name then clapping hands]

Unnamed principal: Kidsie, you're the greatest principal ever!

Principal Kidswatter: I know. [Stops day-dreaming] But without that ball, I'll just have to talk about education a-a-and school stuff. I'm ruined as a principal, ruined, RUINED!!!! [Faints]

Myron: Oh! [Helps Kidswatter up] I can't let that happen to you, Mr. K! I confess: I was in your office!

Principal Kidswatter: Hmmmm... [Stares at Myron]

Myron: But it wasn't my fault, let me explain! [Explains]

Unnamed girls: [Looking at the Prez photo of Myron]

Unnamed purple-haired girl: [Gasps] It's Myron! Oh my goodness!

Myron: [Walking through the hallway]

Unnamed turtle-neck boy: Hey! It's Myron! [Gives him a towel]

Unnamed braces boy: [Feeds Myron a drink]

Unnamed plum-haired kindergartener: Can you sign my stuffie?

Myron: Why? Certainly. [Signs kindergartener's stuffie, continues walking and accidently steps on Kidswatter's hand] Oh! Hi Mr. K!

Principal Kidswatter: Help me! Help me! I need a great and important man to guard my rubber ball while I'm gone!

Myron: You can count on me, Mr. K.

Principal Kidswatter: What can I do without you, Myron?

Myron: Sometimes I wonder. [Walks away to the office]

Myron: [Guards the ball] You're safe now, sweet-a-lastic uh...round thing.

Dana: Hey Myron, bet you can't pull rubber bands off that ball.

Myron: Never! I have sworn a secret owes to protect it!

Dana: Come on! It won't miss a lil' o' rubber band or two.

Myron: N-N-N-NO!!

Dana: Well, if you're too scared I'll just have to do it myself! [Takes the ball and pulls a rubber band]

Myron: NOOOO!!!! [Jumps to Dana]

Dana: [Pulls the rubber band off] Cool!

[Ball starts shaking]

Dana: You can't splat now! [Runs away]

Myron: [Throws the ball to the ceiling as it explodes, destroying the office, tries to survive and takes his helmet off] Huh? [Gets hit by a rubber band and uses the mic] I have, but one regret [Coughing] Cannot take more for you, bye, dear, sweet Wayside. [Dies]

Myron: So that's basically how it happened.

Principal Kidswatter: So, it's all the girl's fault, is it?

Myron: Well, technically I was dying heroically when the ball exploded, I didn't really see anything and yes, Dana did it.

Principal Kidswatter: [Puts Myron back to the waiting room]

Myron: [Points to Dana] Ohhh! You are so busted!

Principal Kidswatter: Next!

[Robot lifts Dana to the office]

Dana: Oh no, Mr. Kidswatter. That's not how it happened at all. See? I was walking down the hallway. [Explains]

Dana: [Fixes everything in the hallway] Ah...

Myron: Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, Oh please! Let me watch your rubber band ball! Oh please, Oh please!

Principal Kidswatter: Sure, go ahead, Mitchell. [Gives Myron the rubber band ball]

Myron: Yippee! And it's Myron!

Principal Kidswatter: Whatever!

Myron: Wow! [Runs to the office]

Dana: Hmmm...

Myron: [Tries to eat the rubber band ball]

Dana: Myron! The rules say you weren't supposed to touch it!

Myron: Touch what?

Dana: [Takes the ball]

Myron: Hey!

Dana: This! I've got to file this away for its own protection.

Myron: But I'm playing with it! No! [Jumps to Dana and starts crying like a baby on the mic]

Dana: Hmmm...Can I file this in ABC for in R for round or R for rubber band? Maybe R for rubber ball? I know! I'll file it for round rubber band rubber ball! Hmmm...Let's see A, B, C, D, E, F-

Maurecia: WHEELS EXTREME! [Skates to the office, jumps over the drawer then another drawer hits her, hits the shelf causing the trophy to fly to the ball, destryoing the office]

Dana: Maurecia!

Principal Kidswatter: So, it's the skating girl's fault, is it?

Dana: Yes, I'm completely certain it's Maurecia's fault

[Robot switches Dana and Maurecia]

Maurecia: My fault?? Oh, N-n-n-no! See? This is what REALLY happened. [Explains]

Maurecia: [Skates around Wayside]

Myron: Help! That way! The extreme skate action with the amazing extreme help!

Maurecia: Extreme help is on the way! [Skates to the office]

Todd: [Pulls of petals from a flower] She loves me, she loves me not, she loves m- [Maurecia passes by and Todd pulls the last petal off] She loves me!

Maurecia: I must take Myron!

Myron: [Cries on the microphone]

Maurecia: [Skates to the office, jumps over the drawer then another drawer hits her and hits the shelf.]

Todd: [Sees Maurecia under the shelf] Maurecia! [Takes off the shelf]

Maurecia: Can't...Move!

Todd: I can't barely watch to suffer you so! I will avenge you! [Turns mad and destroys the office] NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Principal Kidswatter: So, it's his fault? Is it?

Maurecia: Todd was so overcome with emotions seeing me hurt, he was nuts! That's what happens when boys fall in love!

[Robot puts Maurecia back to the waiting room]

Principal Kidswatter: Next!

[Todd's chair goes into the office]

Todd: What? I didn't trash this place! I was fixing it up. You see? I was at the bonus round of Pickle 'n The Punch-out.

Maurecia: [Passes by]

Todd: Way to go, Maurecia! You just blew my power-up!

Maurecia: Myron!

Dana: P, Q, R!

[Office gets destroyed in the background]

Todd: Oh, brother.

Maurecia: La la la la la

Todd: Maurecia? What are you doing? [Lifts the shelf] C'mon, we've gotta straighten this place up before Mr. K gets back.

Maurecia: That's the best idea I've ever heard!

[Todd, Maurecia, Myron and Dana fixes the place up]

Myron, Maurecia, Todd and Dana: We did it! Yay!

Todd: [Hears the principal coming] He's coming! Out the window!

[Maurecia, Dana, Myron and Todd gets out of the window]

Todd: Your office was perfect when I left, so I have no idea how this happened.

Principal Kidswatter: What about this? [Shows Todd the picture of the rubber band ball]

Todd: A rubber band ball? You're kidding me, right?

Principal Kidswatter: [Growls]

[Todd goes back to the waiting room]

Principal Kidswatter: I have already interrogated all the watchamacallits. It just doesn't make sense.

Cow: Moo!

Principal Kidswatter: Hey Cow! Get in here!

Cow: Moo?

Principal Kidswatter: Yes, you! You heard me!

Cow: [Gets into the office] Moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo. [Explains]

Myron: [Plays with the rubber band ball]

Dana: Myron! The rules say you're not supposed to touch it!

Myron: Touch what?

Dana: This! I've got to file this ball away for its own protection.

Myron: But I'm playing with it! NO!! [Jumps to Dana, misses and cries on the microphone]

Dana: Let's see, A, B, C, D, E, F.

Myron: Help! Someone!

Maurecia: Myron? [Skates to the office, jumps over the drawer then another drawer hits her, hits the shelf 'causing the trophy to fly to the ball, destryoing the office]

Cow: Moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo.

Principal Kidswatter: Right, continue, go on.

Cow: Moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo. [Explains]

[Todd, Maurecia, Myron and Dana fixes the office]

Myron: Uh-oh!

Todd: He's coming! Out the window!

[Maurecia, Dana, Myron and Todd jumps out of the window]

Principal Kidswatter: [Walks into the office] Hey there, little guy. Guess what I got for you. New clothes! [Tries to put the extra rubber band on the ball as the ball destroy the place again and bounces out of the window]

Cow: Moo?

Principal Kidswatter: My rubber ball! Who did this?

Principal Kidswatter: I did this?

Cow: Moo!

Principal Kidswatter: Oh! Uh-heh! Okay cow, that's all. Thanks for stopping by. [Laughs and and the cow walks away]

Todd: How can you guys blame me for everything?

Dana: I didn't blame you, I blamed Maurecia.

Maurecia: What? No fair! It's all Myron's fault!

Myron: Oh no! I gave my life to school! Well, sorta.

[Maurecia, Dana, Todd and Myron starts arguing]

Principal Kidswatter: After a ??? investigation, it appears you're all...guilty.

Maurecia, Dana, Todd and Myron: What?

Principal Kidswatter: Mm-hm. Since I'm a kind and generous principal, I'm willing to forgive you.

Todd: It's all Mr. K's fault.

[Maurecia, Dana, Myron and Todd starts laughing]

Principal Kidswatter: What? No, I didn't say that!

Dana: Don't worry Mr. K, you all make mistakes.

Principal Kidswatter: No, really! I-i-it was you guys.

[Maurecia, Dana, Myron and Todd walks away]

Principal Kidswatter: No, I didn't mean you guys, I meant you guys. I mean Ugh...The principals won't forgive me if I don't show them at least something.

Myron: [Gives Principal Kidswatter a small rubber band ball] Here, Mr. K. I made this for you while we were waiting outside your office to be punished for the thing we didn't do.

Principal Kidswatter: For me? Oh, thank you my friend.

Myron: Really?

Principal Kidswatter: Yeah really! Now, go! Shoo-shoo! Before you cause any more trouble around here. [Sighs] What ever are we gonna do with them? Now, let's go inside and wait for the principal's meeting. Hehehe! [Goes into the office]


  • It is commonly thought to be the last episode of "Wayside", but more evidence points to "The Note" being the actual finale. However, this was the last episode to air.