Wayside School
Season 1, Episode 07b
The Elevator Title Card
Air date July 2, 2007
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Riccardo Durante
Episode Guide
Channel Kidswatter
Mad Hot


The stairs are out of order and Todd puts his hand on the 1st floor sign, which is actually an elevator button. (The elevators in Wayside School only work when the stairs are out of order). Todd and Principal Kidswatter (Principal Kidswatter thinks it is the bathroom) go in the elevator, then the elevator becomes stuck between the 15th and 16th floors. Todd is stuck with a crying Principal Kidswatter in the elevator. To save them Dana, Myron and Louis become the Rescue Dudes, calling themselves all Louis.


  • Louis's "Rescue Dudes" allude to the Canadian television series Rescue Heroes. There are multiple allusions to the series in the episode, including the theme song. Louis's statement of the Rescue Dude code "We never leave a dude behind" is a parody of the Rescue Heroes phrase "No one gets left behind."


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