Stephen Cartoon
Stephen in the cartoon
Gender: Male
Hair color: Orange
Age: 12
Birthday: October 31,

Stephen is a kid in Mrs. Jewls' class who has an obsession for Halloween. He always wears the same elf costume everyday, and carries around a jack o' lantern that he names it "Mr. Pumpkin". Most students in his class doesn't have any problems with it, even though some of them find it unusual. He seems to be friends with Todd, Maurecia, Myron and Dana after or before they helped him regain his "scaryness". He has orange hair.


  • He is one of the three students on the Wayside's tetherball team.
  • On only two known episodes, he wore normal clothes. The first time was "Rat in Shining Armor" at a costume party opposing his everyday Halloween costume, deciding to wear normal clothes. The second and final time was "Be True to Your Elf" in which Mr. Kidswatter tells Stephen that he can't be in the parade as an elf causing him to abandon his Halloween nature.
  • Stephen has affections for Halloween more than friends, mostly because he is a fan of more "scary" things.
  • He is the first supporting character to have his own episode (others Joe, John, and the three Erics).

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