Shari Cartoon2
Gender: Female
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Black
Age: 14
Birthday: June 23,
Personal Information


  Extreme sports with her family
Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father
Unnamed brother, unnamed baby sister

Shari is a girl in Mrs. Jewls's class on the 30th floor that always falls asleep in class, because her family is always doing extreme activities that keep her up at night. She rarely speaks, mostly because she sleeps in class all the time. However, in "Myron vs. Normy", she wakes up with her eyes half-open and mumbles, "Myron...".


She wears a dark blue or purple jacket. Her hair can barely seen because she has her hoodie jacket on all the time. She has purple hair. She also has long eyelashes.


Little can be known about her in the show, since she is asleep most of the time. She however, is shown to take part in extreme activities with her family as soon as she's out of school.

Major Roles

  • An episode called "Best Friendzzz" features Shari being Myron's new best friend, despite the fact she is always asleep.
  • The episode "Cabbage, My Boy" shows that Shari does extreme activities when active, and that her family owns a monster truck.
  • "Imperfect Attendance" features Shari as one of the characters who needs help from Dana.


  • Shari might be friends with Leslie because in "Meet the Pets" she plays with her at recess and in "Rat in Shining Armor" those two dance together.

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