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Gender: Female
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  "The Little Stranger"

Sharie is a student in Mrs. Jewls's class who often has a tendency to fall asleep. Mrs. Jewls doesn't mind, though, as she apparently learns in her sleep, and she is the best student in the class.


She wears a large red and blue winter coat, with a hood. She pulls the hood over her face to fall asleep. She weighs 49 pounds, and is one of the smallest students in Mrs. Jewls's class. Her coat is 35 pounds, the red parts weigh 15 pounds, the blue parts weigh 15 pounds, and the hood weighs 5 pounds. She has long eyelashes, which weigh one and a half pounds.


She is supposedly one of the smartest students in class, though this isn't seen much as usually she is seen asleep. However, when awake, she does seem to be fairly energetic, as seen in some conversations with other people.

Major Roles


  • She is supposedly friends with Louis, but mostly because he saved her life.