Sharie Fast
As she appears in the books illustrated by Adam McCauley (left) and as she appears in the cartoon (right)
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Species: fools human
Age: 14
Birthday: October 6,
Personal Information
Love Interests:
Mrs Fast

Mr Fast

Jerry her older brother

bruce her younger brother

Not too loud, Louis. I'm trying to get some sleep.

— Sharie in "Louis"

Sharie (spelled Shari in the cartoon) is a girl in Mrs. Jewls' class with a tendency to fall asleep. Little is revealed about her due to this, but when awake, she is often seen doing odd activities, such as bringing a hobo to school, or doing extreme activities in the middle of the night.


Sharie is a small girl who wears a large coat. In the books, the coat is red and blue, while in the cartoon it is a smoky purple. She has long eyelashes, which weigh about one and a half pounds when put together. The cartoon depicts her with dark purple hair, and pale skin. She wears a skirt and large purple boots.


Sharie is a rather strange student in the class. She is either always looking out the window, or sleeping. Usually the latter. However, since Mrs. Jewls believes she learns in her sleep, she is the best student in class. She is almost never seen awake, though one time, Myron was able to figure out when she is thinking of in her sleep. When she is awake, she is seen to be fairly energetic, as seen in her speech patterns when talking to Mrs. Drazil, and ends up doing strange things.

Major Roles


  • Sharie is largely unchanged from the books to the cartoon, retaining her basic gimmick of usually being asleep and doing strange things when awake. However, in the cartoon she sleeps much more often and wears a different colored coat.

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