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Wayside School
Season 1, Episode 10a
RatInShiningArmor titlecard
Air date May 19, 2007 (Canada) July 12, 2007 (USA)
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Riccardo Durante
Episode Guide
"Teacher's Parent Conference"
"Mrs. Gorf"


It's the spring Halloween dance and everyone must dress up as something or someone. (Although Stephen wears regular clothing.) Maurecia wants Todd to dance with her until Todd finally says no. Feeling bad for Maurecia, Miss Mush puts Sammy,her dead rat,in an old knight suit so Maurecia has someone to dance with making Todd jealous. Todd finds out that it's Miss Mush's dead rat in the suit so now, he must find a way to break the news to Maurecia before she finds out. After exchanging costumes, Todd goes back to Maurecia and dances with her as a knight in place of Sammy.



Wayside - 10A - Rat in Shining Armor (Widescreen)10:53

Wayside - 10A - Rat in Shining Armor (Widescreen)

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