Wayside School
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date April 21, 2007
Written by Dennis Heaton
Directed by Riccardo Durante
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Kindergarten King
Age of Aquarium


Myron accidentally spills paint on the grass in the hallway and tries to put the blame on "Normy", his nonexistent twin brother which everyone (excluding Todd and Shari) easily falls for. Everyone likes "Normy" much more than Myron, making him to want to stay Normy while Todd tells him he should be himself after lunch. After lunch, they had a quiz. but Myron didn't know the answer so he had to confess.


  • Myron pretending to have a twin brother is very similar to Angelica Pickles pretending to have a twin sister from the Rugrats episode, Angelica's Twin.
  • Shari talks for the first time EVER in Nickelodeon Wayside history. She says Myron's name because she knew Normy is actually him.

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