Mush goo

Miss Mush gives Todd the Mushroom Surprise.

Mushroom Surprise is a meal created by Miss Mush, and is supposedly one of her specialties. The food is a glowing, green mush which supposedly contains mushrooms, as the name implies. According to the books, it was called a surprise since it would be a surprise if anyone ever orders it. It was the lunch specialty for at least eighteen days, before Mrs. Jewls had Miss Mush dispose of all of it.

Effects and Properties

  • When eaten, it makes people fall in love with the first person they see. The amount of time this takes varies from either giving the person they fall in love with a large kiss on the mouth before wearing off, as seen with Ron, or ending up for a whole day in love with someone, as seen with Todd.
  • It has acid-like properties, and can burn holes through surfaces.
  • The taste of Mushroom Surprise constantly changes, as seen when Ron describes the taste. At first he describes as tasting like bananas and spinach, and then he describes it as tasting like hot dogs and grape jelly.
  • It can eat people whole as seen in "Mamaland Blues".
  • At the bottom of a bowl of Mushroom Surprise, one can see their future, as proven in "Miss Fortune".


  • Louis is immune to the effects of Mushrom Surprise, since he eats it so often.
  • A Bologna Freezy can cure the effects of Mushroom Surprise, since by making the person that eats it throw up, it removes the Mushroom Surprise from their system.