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The sixteen students that appeared in the cartoon. Eric Bacon is obscured.

Mrs. Jewls' class is the class in the series taught by Mrs. Jewls on the 30th story. It is the primary class which the series focuses on. In the books, the class originally belonged to Mrs. Gorf, though in the cartoon, it is suggested Mrs. Jewls taught the class, and Mrs. Gorf was only a substitute. In the pilot movie, it is revealed the class is under a large trash compactor, which activates when the PA system activates.


Book and Cartoon

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Former Members

  • Mrs. Gorf (old teacher in books, eaten by Louis)
  • Sammy (kicked out after the revelation that he was a dead rat in disguise)

Seating Arrangement

Although many hints are given on what the seating arrangement is in the books, it is still somewhat unknown where every student sits. As well as this, Eric Fry's  seating arrangement is inconsistent, as the third book mentions he sits behind Jenny, placing him in the back row next to Paul. However, the second book states that Allison sits behind him, meaning that another row must be behind him, but since Paul is in the back, as revealed in the first book, the seating arrangement can't be mapped out without inconsistencies. However, the cartoon's seating arrangement, although leaving out thirteen kids, is consistent throughout the episodes, leaving it as a 4x4 square, with sixteen students total.

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