Mrs. Drazil
Mrs. Drazil Who is Not From Brazil
Mrs. Drazil as illustrated by Adam McCauley.
Gender: Female
Hair color: White, formerly brown
Age: 66
Personal Information
  Louis, Jane Smith
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "The New Teacher"
Last Appearance:
  "Jane Smith"
Mrs. Drazil (who is not from Brazil) is the second substitute teacher in Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger. Although she may be the nicest of the three, she is an old enemy of Louis, and would make him wear a waste basket over his head, as well as have him shave his mustache, making him a boring and serious yard teacher.


She often acts like a fairly nice teacher, at least towards the students she likes. If they are to miss a homework assignment, however, instantly she turns cruel on them, insulting them and to an extent, putting a wastebasket on her head. She made learning fun for the students on the 30th floor, was a good chef, and supposedly knows what a goozack is. None of the students like her, though, after she makes Louis shave his mustache.


She is mentioned to have white hair, which was brown earlier in her life, but changed due to aging. She also is 66 years old, and weighs 124 pounds (~54.25 kilograms).

Major Roles


  • Her last name is "lizard" spelled backwards.
  • She is the only substitute mentioned before Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger.
  • She is the only substitute who doesn't directly torment the students.