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Miss Mush
Mrs. Mush
Gender: female
Hair color: green
Age: 52
Birthday: April 13, 1964
Personal Information
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Wayside: The Movie
Voiced by:
Jayne Eastwood
Miss Mush is the lunch lady and a chef at Wayside. She said she came from the "Mama Land"(possibly a fictional Eastern European country). Anything she cooks is either absolutely disgusting or EXTREMELY dangerous, such as her Mushroom Surprise, which in the episode "Mama Land Blues" it came to life and tried to eat the students. She has green hair. Despite her awful cooking, Miss Mush has such a kind-hearted personality, and is nice to everyone, except for when she said "Ah he not sick! He silly weakling!" Presumably, she is originally from Russia

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