Wayside School
Season 1, Episode 02a
Meet the Pets Title Card
Air date March 24, 2007 (Canada)
June 25, 2007 (USA)
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Riccardo Durante
Episode Guide
Class Cow
Oh, Great Leader


After Todd tells how he has once lost a goldfish named King Arthur, everyone brings their pets into school and Todd must watch them so that he'd learn to be more "responsible". However, when the pets escape and run all over the school, Todd will need some help from his friends. Todd finally brings a new live fish named King Arthur II.


  • When Mrs.Jewel mistake Todd as a monkey, it is a reference to Wayside: The Movie in which she mistake Todd for a monkey when he first appeared.
  • In this episode  Myron bring his little brother to school, This would later be use in Cabbage, My Boy when he brought a Cabbage and use it to help win an election.
  • Animated Goof: While it is shown that Wayside is a cartoon where people have 4 fingers/toes, there are two characters who had 5 instead of 4.
    • Todd's Dad: In the flashback scene where Todd tells the story of how he lost his pet fish, when Todd's Dad flush the toiliet, he is seen with 5 fingers instead 4.

      Animated Goof: Todd's 5 fingers

    • Maurecia: In the scene where Maurecia had to capture a parrot,duck and chicken, a quick slip second showed Maurecia having 5 toes but when she captured the duck it became 4.
  • One of the monkeys have Donkey Kong's sound effects from Mario Kart 64.

Animated Goof: (Top) Maurecia five toes (Bottom)Maurecia four toes

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