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344 South Fairview5th StoryA Bad Case of the Sillies
A Package for Mrs. JewlsA Story That Isn't About SocksA Wonderful Teacher
Age of AquariumAllisonAllison (book chapter)
BallroomBalogna freezyBasketball court
Be True to Your ElfBebe's Baby BrotherBebe/Gallery
Bebe (book chapter)Bebe GunnBenjamin Nushmutt
Best FriendzzzBorisCabbage, My Boy
CalvinCalvin (book chapter)Campgrounds
CarolineChannel KidswatterCharacter Guide
Character Guide/Faculty and StaffCharacter Guide/StudentsClass Cow
Class cowD.J.D.J. (book chapter)
DameonDameon (book chapter)Dana
Dana/GalleryDana (book chapter)Dana Checks Out
Daring LoveDeedeeDeedee (book chapter)
Denise OliverDr. DanaDr. Pickell
Episode GuideEric, Eric, and EricEric Bacon
Eric FryEric OvensExtra Curricular Riddicular
FidoFluffyFly by the Wayside (Wayside Theme Song)
Forever is NeverFree StewyFrench Fried
Gondola canalGoonHe is It
He is It/AppearancesHe is It/ImagesHobo Bob
HomeworkHonors ClassIce-skating rink
Imperfect AttendanceIvil KeseauIvil Keseau/Images
Ivil Keseau/QuotesJane SmithJane Smith (book chapter)
JasonJason (book chapter)Jenny
Jenny/GalleryJenny/QuotesJenny (book chapter)
JoeJoe 'N' FroJoe (book chapter)
JohnJohn/GalleryJohn (book chapter)
JoyJoy (book chapter)Kathy
Kathy (book chapter)Kathy and D.J.Kidswatter's Opus
Kidswatter: The MovieKidswatter: the Movie/Safety MonitorKindergarten King
Kindergarten busKindergarten kidsLarge auditorium
Le ChefLe RaceLeslie
Leslie/GalleryLeslie (book chapter)List of Goofs
List of book chaptersLouisLouis/Quotes
Louis (book chapter)MacMad Hot
MamalandMamaland BluesMark Miller (book chapter)
Mascot MadnessMaureciaMaurecia/Gallery
Maurecia/QuotesMaurecia/TriviaMaurecia (book chapter)
Mavis JewlsMeet the PetsMike
MinutebooksMiss FortuneMiss Mush
Miss Mush/AppearancesMiss Mush/ImagesMiss Mush/Trivia
Miss Wendy NogardMiss ZarvesMiss Zarves (book chapter)
More Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside SchoolMr. GorfMr. Pepperadder
Mr. PumpkinMr.kidswatterMrs.Gorf
Mrs.Jewls' class/QuotesMrs. DrazilMrs. Franklin
Mrs. GorfMrs. Gorf (book chapter)Mrs. Gorf (episode)
Mrs. JewlsMrs. Jewls' classMrs. Jewls' class/Images
Mrs. Jewls/GalleryMrs. Jewls/QuotesMrs. Jewls (book chapter)
Mushroom SurpriseMusic LessonsMy Biggest Fan
My Fluffy HairMy Partner Gets All the CreditMyron
Myron/GalleryMyron/QuotesMyron (book chapter)
Myron vs. NormyMyth of NickNancy
Nancy (book chapter)Never Laugh at a ShoelaceNick
Oh, BrotherOh, Great LeaderOy Oy Oy Dumbbells
Papa JewlsPaulPaul (book chapter)
PotatoesPrincipal's officePrincipal Kidswatter
Principal Kidswatter's carPrincipal Kidswatter/AppearancesPrincipal Kidswatter/Gallery
Principal Kidswatter/TriviaPrinciples of PrincipalsPull My Pigtail
Rat in Shining ArmorRescue DudesRon
Ron (book chapter)RondiRondi (book chapter)
RoofRubber band ballSafety Monitor
SammySammy (book chapter)Sharie
Sharie (book chapter)Short roomSideways Arithmetic from Wayside School
Sideways ProtestSideways Stories from Wayside SchoolSlow Mo Mo
Snow DaySpinning Pipe HallwayStephen
Stephen/CartoonStephen (book chapter)Sue
Swimming poolTeacher's Parent ConferenceTerrence
Terrence (book chapter)Tetherball teamThe Blue Notebook
The ElevatorThe Final StretchThe New Teacher
The NoteThe Rat TruthThe Rat Truth/Free Stewy
The Three Erics (book chapter)The Three Erics (characters)The Three Erics (episode)
Time OutTimelineTodd
Todd/QuotesTodd/TriviaTodd & Bull Story
Todd (book chapter)Todd Falls in LoveTodd Kauffman
Unknown cityUnnamed dark-blue haired girlUnnamed freckled girl
Unnamed plum-haired girlUnnamed turtle-neck boyUpside Down John
Way High-Up Ball (sport)Wayside: The Movie (Pilot)Wayside: The Movie (Pilot)/Appearances
Wayside: The Movie (Pilot)/ImagesWayside: The Movie (Pilot)/QuotesWayside: The Movie (Pilot)/Trivia
Wayside (TV Series)Wayside ChristmasWayside School
Wayside School/ImagesWayside School: Season 1 (DVD)Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger
Wayside School is Falling DownWayside WikiWheels Extreme
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