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This is a list of chapters seen in the Wayside School book series.

Main series

Sideways Stories from Wayside School

  1. "Mrs. Gorf" - An evil teacher named Mrs. Gorf turns all of her students into apples, only for them to fight back when she's prepared to retire teaching.
  2. "Mrs. Jewls" - The class gets a new teacher who believes all the children are actually monkeys.
  3. "Joe" - Mrs. Jewls teaches Joe how to count.
  4. "Sharie" - A sleepy girl ends up bothering Kathy until she ends up falling out of a window.
  5. "Todd" - Joy accidentally gets Todd in trouble until he is sent home early on the kindergarten bus.
  6. "Bebe" - Bebe and Calvin team up to draw several pictures.
  7. "Calvin" - Calvin has to deliver a note to the nineteenth story.
  8. "Myron" - Myron is elected as class president, but when a friend has her dog run over, he has to quit to help her out.
  9. "Maurecia" - Mrs. Jewls creates new flavors of ice cream for Maurecia to enjoy.
  10. "Paul" - Paul resists his urge to pull Leslie's pigtails.
  11. "Dana" - Dana tries to find a cure for her itches.
  12. "Jason" - Jason gets stuck to his seat.
  13. "Rondi" - Everyone recognizes Rondi for what she doesn't have.
  14. "Sammy" - A dead rat bundled in raincoats comes to the classroom and leaves rude comments about all the other students.
  15. "Deedee" - Deedee disguises herself as a dead rat to get a green ball.
  16. "D.J." - D.J.'s smile cheers up everyone else in class.
  17. "John" - John tries to stand on his head.
  18. "Leslie" - Leslie tries to sell her toes to Louis.
  19. "Miss Zarves" - Miss Zarves's existence is explained in three sentences.
  20. "Kathy" - Kathy reveals why she hates everyone.
  21. "Ron" - Ron tries to play kickball, but no one wishes to join him.
  22. "The Three Erics" - Three students with the same name are given unfitting nicknames.
  23. "Allison" - Allison gives things to all the teachers.
  24. "Dameon" - Dameon tells Louis about the movie they're watching.
  25. "Jenny" - Jenny is met with three mysterious men with a black suitcase.
  26. "Terrence" - Everyone is upset with a bully who kicks balls over the fence.
  27. "Joy" - Joy steals Dameon's lunch and blames other students for it.
  28. "Nancy" - A boy with a feminine name trades names with a girl with a masculine name.
  29. "Stephen" - Stephen shows up to class in an embarassing costume.
  30. "Louis" - Louis reads a story to Mrs. Jewls' class.

Wayside School is Falling Down

  1. "A Package for Mrs. Jewls" - Louis takes a package to Mrs. Jewls' class.
  2. "Mark Miller" - A new kid shows up, but no one knows his name.
  3. "Bebe's Baby Brother" - Bebe blames her brother for her mistakes.
  4. "Homework" - Mac interrupts class to tell a story about his missing socks.
  5. "Another Story About Socks" - Sharie brings in a hobo who doesn't believe in socks.
  6. "Pigtails" - Paul uses Leslie's pigtails to get inside when he falls out of a window.
  7. "Freedom" - Myron explores the basement.
  8. "The Best Part" - Todd brings a toy dog to class.
  9. "Mush" - Ron eats the Mushroom Surprise.
  10. "Music" - Benjamin is interrupted by everyone else's instruments.
  11. "Kathy and D.J." - Kathy tries to make D.J. more upset after he loses a golden watch.
  12. "Pencils" - Jason accidentally chews everyone else's pencils.
  13. "A Giggle Box, A Leaky Faucet, and a Foghorn" - John and Joe tease Dana for her over-emotional tendencies.
  14. "Calvin's Big Decision" - Calvin gets a tattoo.
  15. "She's Back!" - Deedee freaks out after seing Mrs. Gorf on the playground.
  16. "Love and a Dead Rat" - Dameon tries to avoid confessing his love for Mrs. Jewls.
  17. "What?" - Jenny is late for school in a story told backwards.
  18. "The Substitute" - The class gets a substitute teacher who believes everyone is named Benjamin.
  19. "A Bad Case of the Sillies" - Allison is stuck on the nineteenth story.
  20. "A Wonderful Teacher" - Allison is stuck on the nineteenth story. (labelled as chapter 19)
  21. "Forever is Never" - Allison is stuck on the nineteenth story. (labelled as chapter 19)
  22. "Eric, Eric, and Eric" - Principal Kidswatter consults Eric Fry, Eric Ovens, and Eric Bacon about rude note he finds. (labelled as chapters 20, 21, and 22)
  23. "Teeth" - Rondi grows new front teeth.
  24. "Another Story About Potatoes" - Joe and John find Mrs. Gorf in their potato salad.
  25. "A Story That Isn't About Socks" - Stephen shows up in a nice outfit for Picture Day.
  26. "The Mean Mrs. Jewls" - Mrs. Jewls reveals her nasty side.
  27. "Lost and Found" - Maurecia finds a bag containing a lot of money.
  28. "Valooosh" - The school gets an eccentric new dance teacher.
  29. "The Lost Ear" - Benjamin reveals his name to the class.
  30. "Wayside School is Falling Down" - The school is filled with cows.

Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger

  1. "Explanation" - Wayside School re-opens after 243 days.
  2. "A Message from the Principal" - Mr. Kidswatter leaves the intercom on too long.
  3. "Poetry" - The class writes poems about colors.
  4. "Doctor Pickle" - The backstory of Dr. Pickell is revealed.
  5. "A Story with a Disappointing Ending" - Paul is hypnotized to no longer pull Leslie's pigtails.
  6. "Pet Day" - Everyone in class brings in pets with confusing names.
  7. "A Bad Word" - Kidswatter declares "door" as a bad word.
  8. "Santa Claus" - Kathy reveals she doesn't believe in Santa.
  9. "Something Different About Mrs. Jewls" - Mrs. Jewls announces she is pregnant.
  10. "Mr. Gorf" - The class tries to act nice for their new substitute.
  11. "Voices" - Mr. Gorf steals everyone's voice.
  12. "Nose" - Miss Mush helps the students get their voices back.
  13. "The New Teacher" - Mrs. Drazil replaces Mr. Gorf as the class substitute.
  14. "A Lightbulb, a Pencil Sharpener, a Coffeepot, and a Sack of Potatoes" - Mrs. Drazil and the class perform an experiment.
  15. "An Elephant in Wayside School" - Mrs. Drazil learns Louis works at Wayside.
  16. "Mr. Poop" - Louis becomes a boring, strict yard teacher.
  17. "Why the Children Decided They Had to Get Rid of Mrs. Drazil" - The many good qualities of Mrs. Drazil are listed, alongside one bad one.
  18. "The Blue Notebook" - Sharie distracts Mrs. Drazil.
  19. "Time Out" - A cow gets stuck on the nineteenth story.
  20. "Elevators" - Elevators are implemented at Wayside School.
  21. "Open Wide" - Jason has a dental appointment.
  22. "Jane Smith" - Mrs. Drazil meets with an old enemy.
  23. "Ears" - The backstory of Miss Wendy Nogard is revealed.
  24. "Glum and Blah" - Ms. Nogard tries to make everyone in the class feel bad.
  25. "Guilty" - Maurecia is accused of ripping a page in a dictionary.
  26. "Never Laugh at a Shoelace" - Mac tells an epic tale about shoelaces.
  27. "Way High-Up Ball" - Louis joins the Three Erics in their favorite game.
  28. "Flowers for a Very Special Person" - Louis gives flowers to Mr. Kidswatter.
  29. "Stupid" - Ron forgets his homework.
  30. "The Little Stranger" - Mrs. Jewls returns with her baby.

Sideways Arithmetic series

Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School

  1. "Spelling" - Sue learns how math works at Wayside School.
  2. "Numbers" - Sue tries to teach the class how to do arithmetic with numbers, but her methods are proven faulty.
  3. "Pronouns" - Sue learns the basics of arithmetic: pronouns.
  4. "Paragraphs" - The other students solve "paragraphs" (multiplication problems with words).
  5. "Recess" - The students decide whether they want to play basketball or freeze tag.
  6. "Science, Geography, etc." - Mrs. Jewls works on report cards.
  7. "Lunch" - Problems about Miss Mush and her assistant, Mr. Pepperadder are given.
  8. "True or False" - Mrs. Jewls hands out true or false tests.
  9. "After School" - Joy and Sue go home after having trouble at school.

More Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School

  1. "Why Boys and Girls Are Silly" - Allison and Rondi won't invite more than two boys to their birthday party.
  2. "Some Crass About Women's Underwear" - The students are surprised when Mrs. Jewls writes problems about women's underwear.
  3. "Sue's New Dog" - Sue gets a new pet dog.
  4. "Four Times Too" - The students believe it is too hot outside.
  5. "Miss Worm" - Miss Worm complains about how noisy the students on the thirtieth floor get during arithmetic.
  6. "Miss Worm Finally Understands! - Miss Worm accidentally solves some math problems.
  7. "The Quiz That Wouldn't Pop" - The class avoids taking a pop quiz.
  8. "Oh, No!" - The class has to do multiplication again.
  9. "Foreign Language Lesson" - Mrs. Jewls teaches foreign languages.
  10. "He, She, We, and Ewe" - A few more multiplication problems.
  11. "Report Cards" - Mrs. Jewls has trouble with her computer.
  12. "The New Flagpole" - Mrs. Jewls' class decides the height of their new flagpole.
  13. "Strange Facts" - Answers have to be determined based around strange facts about Mrs. Jewls' class.
  14. "Game Day" - The school holds a day to play games outside.
  15. "Conclusion" - A final, difficult problem is given.

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