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Here is a list of goofs, errors and mistakes in the series.

Season 1

Wayside: The Movie

  • When the kids cheer with umbrellas at the start, their mouths are not moving.
  • After Maurecia first punches Todd, it is seen that she has 5 fingers and in the next shot she has 4 fingers back.
  • Before Mrs. Jewls circle Todd's name for the second time, the check is missing.
  • In several shots, Eric Bacon isn't seen in the desks.
  • The fish isn't swimming in most shots.
  • Before Todd jumps into the window with the blueprints, there is no window.

Cabbage, My Boy

  • During one scene, the seating arrangement is messed up, with Jenny sitting behind Joe, rather than Maurecia, and John sitting where Stephen should be.

Principles of Principals

  • Mrs. Jewls takes Todd's paper to make his desk stop wobbling, but in the next shot, while there is still the piece of paper under the desk, Todd has a new one on his desk, even though Mrs. Jewels did not give him a new piece of paper.

The Elevator

  • Although the music button falls off, it is back in a few shots.

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