Wayside School
Season 1, Episode 05b
Kindergarten King Title Card
Air date July 3, 2007
Written by Scott Albert
Directed by Riccardo Durante
Episode Guide
Best Friendzzz
Myron vs. Normy


When Todd is sent home on the Kindergarten bus, he saves a little girl's stuffed dog from falling out the window. The kindergarteners then chant his name on the bus. The next day, the kindergarteners start marching to Todd all over the school. The kindergarteners then declare Todd the "Kindergarten King", "helping" Todd with stuff, such as putting condiments on his lunch. Myron then gets jealous that Todd is so popular with the kindergarteners, so he goes in Todd's Kindergarten kids fort, and they start arguing there and fighting over the same stuffed dog from earlier in the episode. They then accidently rip it in half, and the kindergarteners get angry and leave Todd, ending the episode.


Wayside - 5B - Kindergarden King (Widescreen)10:53

Wayside - 5B - Kindergarden King (Widescreen)

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