Jane Smith is the twenty-second chapter of Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger.


Jason tells Deedee that he found Jane Smith, and they, quite intentionally, make Mrs. Drazil aware of Jane Smith's whereabouts, occupation, and name change. Later, Mrs. Drazil decides to pay a visit to Jane Smith's home; breaking into the house, intent on forcing Jane to do her missed homework. Jane escapes in a motorboat, but not without hurting her ankle when she jumps onto the concrete below; Mrs. Drazil pursues her in a rowboat. As far the book has it, the two are neither seen nor heard from again.



  • It is stated in this chapter that Jane performs unnecessary dental procedures to make additional money; she drills 25 teeth, at $60 each, to make $1,500, but not all of the teeth had cavities.