Ivil Keseau
I shall kiss you
Let's run away before Ivil kisses us!
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: pink
Species: fools human
Age: 50
Birthday: February 14,
Personal Information
  "Oy Oy Oy Dumbbells"
  dance instructor
  "Oy Oy Oy Dumbbells"
  "Wayside wall flowers"
Love Interests:
  "Kidswatter" possibly
Production Information
Voiced by:
Jayne Eastwood

Ivil Keseau (a pun of "I will kiss you") was a coach for the Oy Oy Oy Dumbbells and a primary villian for the episode "Mad Hot". This team cheated by copying the Wall Flowers' move and neary won, only for Todd and Maurecia to beat them with their alternetive dance move (Todd's no speaking oral report). She used to date Mr. Kidswatter possibly in the 80s until she either left him for a dancer or Kidswatter broke up with her. She eventually danced with Mr. Kidswatter after her team's loss, implying that might have got back together.


  • She appeared on only one episode.
  • Her third-person talk and her accent implies that she might came from Mamaland, the same place Miss Mush is from.
  • Ivil Keseau is voiced by Jayne Eastwood.

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