Wayside School
Season 1, Episode 04b
He is IT Title Card
Air date June 26, 2007
Written by Dennis Heaton
Directed by Riccardo Durante
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While they are playing tag, Dana tells people the various game rules, like "No returnsies".Some people think that being "it" is just part of the game,but to Myron being "it" is a whole different story. He deserves special royal treatment, including being on a high throne, in which Dana objects, saying that it is against the rules to use rule books as seats. They then proceed to break a few rules, including putting Todd's shirt down, and trying to eat a grape. Mryon's "entertainment" has Todd, with his shirt on his head while dancing like an alien. Dana then proceeds to throw out every rule book in the classroom, meaning that Wayside is without rules, that is until they put them back where they belong. Then Dana goes crazy, wanting to be tagged, in which they end up running all over the school. And once they accidentally tag the cow, they say that they only speak the language of the cow. And so, when Dana was at fighting distance from Mryon, she might of looked like Mr Kidswatter from a distance. And finally, as how Mryon wants to be class president so bad, he cries like a baby.