"Forever is Never" is the third part of the nineteenth chapter of Wayside School is Falling Down.


Allison, still stuck on the nineteenth story, is being assigned busy work by Miss Zarves. While trying to memorize the dictionary, she remembers that she came from Mrs. Jewls' class, glad that she finally remembers where she came from. However, she then gets teary as she remembers everybody in her old class. During a break, she consults Mark, as they start wondering what would happen if she were to misbehave in class. Allison realizes that since they have so much busy work, they are never given time to think, so she stops doing her work, and begins imitating the other students in class. Miss Zarves counts down from ten, and when finished, Allison finds herself rolling down three stairs, consulted by Ron and Deedee. They then proceed to run back upstairs to Mrs. Jewls's classroom, glad to see that she is being noticed by everyone again. Allison then watches as Jason sets up his new goldfish.


Memorable Quotes

"Maybe we're dead," said Mark. "Maybe we died and went to-"

"This isn't heaven!" said Allison.

"That isn't what I was going to say!" said Mark.