Wayside School
Season 2, Episode 18a
Extra-Curricular Ridicular Title Card
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"Sideways Protest"
"Wayside Christmas"
"Extra-Curricular Riddicular" is the first half of the eighteenth episode of Wayside Season 2, and the thirty-fifth episode segment overall.


All the kids are forming bizarre after-school clubs, except for Todd, who creates a “Science Club”. Myron laughs at him, believing his club will be better, until he sees Todd’s club has managed to build a functioning rocket. Jealous Myron tries to form a science club and build a rocket of his own. Myron accidentally launches the rocket Kidswatter is in and makes Todd cry. Todd wants to confront Myron.



Extra-curricular Ridicular & Wayside Christmas (Fullscreen)22:35

Extra-curricular Ridicular & Wayside Christmas (Fullscreen)

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