Eric Ovens
Eric Ovens
Eric Ovens as he appears in the books, illustrated by Adam McCauley (left), and as he appears in the cartoon (right)
Gender: Male
Hair color: brown
Species: fools human
Age: 14
Birthday: February 28,
Personal Information
  Eric Fry, Eric Bacon
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Eric Ovens is the nicest Eric of the three Erics, but has recieved the nickname "Crabapple" since the other two Erics are usually grouchy. In the cartoon, he is depicted as being the smallest Eric of the three, and is never picked to get a gold star since he is hard to see.


As revealed in the books, Eric Ovens is a very friendly student, who enjoys helping out others. However, since the other two Erics are grouchy, due to their unfitting nicknames, Eric Ovens is thought to be mean, and is called "Crabapple". Despite that, he still tries to stay nice, even if no one else will listen to him.

Major Roles

Due to being one of the Three Erics, his major appearances also involve the other two Erics.


  • Eric Ovens, alongside Eric Fry and Eric Bacon, never had his last name confirmed in the cartoon. Due to his consistent role of being the outcast of the group in the books, however, this wiki takes an educated guess and assumes that the smallest Eric in the show is Eric Ovens.