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Eric Fry
Eric Fry
Eric Fry as illustrated by Adam McCauley (left) and as he appears in the cartoon (right).
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Black
Species: fools Human
Age: 14
Birthday: February 28,
Personal Information
  Eric Bacon, Eric Ovens
Eric Fry is the fattest Eric, and also the most athletic of the three. However, due to the other two Erics being unathletic and him dropping a ball once by accident, he has been given the nickname "Butterfingers".


Out of the three Erics, Eric Fry is depicted as being rather grouchy, due to his unfitting nickname. He is also upset that no one recognizes his athletic skill, even though he is one of the best athletes in class. However, he still can do nice actions, as he is the one who ends up offering Leslie a pencil in the third book.

Major Roles


  • Eric Fry lended Leslie a pencil in the third book, although the word "pencil" was never said in the conversation. This is odd, as usually his character is depicted as being mean and grouchy.
  • Eric Fry, alongside Eric Bacon and Eric Ovens, never had his last name confirmed in the cartoon. However, since one of the Erics in the cartoon is somewhat fat, resembling him, this wiki takes an educated guess to assume it is Eric Fry.