Eric Bacon
Eric Bacon
Gender: Male
Hair color: light brown
Species: fools Human
Age: 14
Birthday: February 28,
Personal Information
  Eric Fry, Eric Ovens
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Eric Bacon is a student in Mrs. Jewls' class and is one of the Three Erics. He is the skinniest Eric, but due to the other two Erics being fat, (although the cartoon depicts Eric Ovens as being small, contradicting this statement) is nicknamed "Fatso".


He is the skinniest Eric, but due to his unfitting nickname, is often grumpy. He supposedly doesn't have any friends, aside from the other two Erics. In the chapter "Eric, Eric, and Eric", he is seen to be a bit more self-centered and narcissistic than the other two Erics, and often thinks of things with much lesser concern. Out of them, he seems to easily get himself out of trouble.

Major Roles


  • He is a great breakdancer, but each time he danced, he broke something, so breakdancing got banned at Wayside School.
  • There is evidence leading to him being the one who wrote the mean note directed towards Principal Kidswatter, due to him being the only one that is left-handed, and the mention that his hair was cut at 12:15 the day before.
  • Eric Bacon, alongside Eric Fry and Eric Ovens, never had his last name confirmed in the cartoon. However, aspects from the book's Eric Bacon such as his skinny appearance and self-centered nature, have let this wiki take an educated guess to assume that the tallest Eric is Eric Bacon.