"Eric, Eric, and Eric" is a chapter from Wayside School is Falling Down. It is the twentieth, twenty-first, and twenty-second chapter in the book.


One day, Principal Kidswatter demands to have Eric be sent to his office. Mrs. Jewls doesn't know who he means, since she has three Erics in her classroom, so she sends Eric Fry. Eric Fry angrily walks down to the office, while still showing fear of Kidswatter. Kidswatter demands Eric Fry to enter the office, and begins asking him some questions. When Eric Fry turns out not to be the correct Eric, he demands Mrs. Jewls sends down another Eric, so she sends Eric Ovens.

Eric Ovens worriedly walks down the stairs, and enters Principal Kidswatter's office. He notices Eric Fry is gone, and becomes even more panicked. Mr. Kidswatter proceeds to ask Eric Ovens the same questions, only to realize that he as well is the wrong Eric. Eric Ovens screams, and Mr. Kidswatter demands to see the last Eric. Eric Bacon exits the room without any worries whatsoever.

Eric Bacon happily walks down the stairs into the principal's office, as the book notes he got his hair cut yesterday at 12:15 PM. He sits in the chair, not questioning where the other two Erics are, and responds to all of Kidswatter's questions. After none of the Erics gave the right responses, he releases Eric Fry and Eric Ovens from under his desk. At the end of the chapter, he looks at a card from a barber shop noting that someone named Eric got their hair cut the day before at 12:15 PM, with writings on the back saying "Mr. Kidswatter is a Mugworm Griblick".


  • The book gives evidence that Eric Bacon wrote the letter, as it mentions him getting a haircut the day before at 12:15, the same time seen on the card.
  • Although it has three numbers in the title, in reality, it is only the twenty-second chapter.