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Three students who are all named Eric, being Eric Fry, Eric Bacon, and Eric Ovens. All three are given unfitting nicknames, and are best friends with one another. Often, they show up in stories together.

  • Eric Fry is the most athletic, despite being the fattest, but due to the other two Erics being bad at sports, is given the nickname "Butterfingers".
  • Eric Bacon is the skinniest Eric, though due to the other two Erics being fat (although this is not true in the TV show, since Eric Ovens is portrayed as being small there) is unfittingly given the nickname "Fatso".
  • Eric Ovens is the nicest Eric (the smallest one in the cartoon), but due to the other two being grouchy, which is actually caused by their bad nicknames, he is nicknamed "Crabapple".
  • In the cartoon, Maurecia was temporarily an Eric, replacing Eric Ovens after he became Little Myron.

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