Grey DeLisle - Deedee
She has no name, but at least she has a really great personality.
Gender: Female
Hair color: Lemon-lime
Eye color: Black
Species: Human
Age: 11
Birthday: September 20,
Personal Information
  Unnamed dark-blue haired girl
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Wayside: The Movie
Last Appearance:
  Upside Down John
Voiced by:
Lisa Ng
Caroline isseen in Mrs. Jewels' class has lemon-lime hair, light skin, freckles, a pink dress and shoes.Some say she is voiced by Grey DeLisle but it's all wrong, she's actually voiced by Lisa Ng (aka woman of a thousand voices) in Myth of Nick.


Not much is known about her personality.


Little is known about her relationships.


She is often seen with her meaning they could be best friends.


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