Benjamin Nushmutt
Benjamin Nushmutt
Benjamin as illustrated by Joel Schick.
Gender: Male
Hair color: blond
Eye color: blue
Species: fools human
Age: 13
Birthday: April 27,
Personal Information
  "Mark Miller" Wayside School
  "Mark Miller"
  "Mac" "Stephen"
  to fit in
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Mark Miller"
Last Appearance:
But worst of all, his name wasn't Mark Miller. He was Benjamin Nushmutt. And he had moved from Hempleton, not Magadonia.

— Narration in "Mark Miller"

Benjamin Nushmutt is a character who only appears in the books. For some reason, everyone thinks that his name is Mark Miller. Although he did believe there were benefits to going under that name, he still was annoyed by it, but unfortunately, he wasn't assertive enough to correct anyone. He did not debut until Wayside School is Falling Down.


Benjamin is seen not to be very assertive, and often, when people get facts about him wrong, he rarely tries to correct them. However, it still annoys him when people do so, often leaving him in a state where he's annoyed by himself. He seems confused by Wayside's unorthodox learning style, though not as much as Sue. Often, he seems not to think of himself highly, believing people liked him more under the alter ego he went by until he finally corrected the rest of the class at the end of Wayside School is Falling Down.

Major Roles

  • Benjamin makes his debut in "Mark Miller" in Wayside School is Falling Down. In this chapter, he joins the class, only for everyone else to believe his name is Mark Miller, and that he is from Magadonia rather than Hempleton. He constantly thinks about correcting everyone else, but isn't assertive enough to confess his real name.
  • Benjamin's next major role is in "Music", where the class is playing instruments, and Benjamin wishes to tell the rest of the class his name, but the other students are too loud.
  • Benjamin's story arc continues with "The Substitute", where a substitute teacher named Mrs. Benjamin Franklin teaches the class, and Benjamin wishes to confess his real name. However, all of the other students believe it is a prank, and start going by Benjamin as well.
  • Benjamin's arc ends with "The Lost Ear", where Benjamin finally tells his name to the class, only to find out no one considers him strange for it. Afterwards, the rest of the class notes how they believe they are stranger.