Bebe's Baby Brother illustration

Illustration by Peter Allen

"Bebe's Baby Brother" is the third chapter of Wayside School is Falling Down. In this story, Bebe Gunn tries to convince Mrs. Jewls that her imaginary brother is causing the problems in her life.


The chapter starts with Mrs. Jewls letting Dameon pass out the class's homework. When Bebe doesn't recieve her, she is flabbergasted, recalling that she did it. When Mrs. Jewls invites her to her desk, Bebe finds a rude comment written on the back. Immediately, Bebe blames her brother, Ray, for defacing the homework, and to counteract this, Mrs. Jewls gives Bebe an A+ and a Tootsie Roll Pop. The next day, Mrs. Jewls once again finds these comments written, only for Bebe to blame Ray again. Bebe explains that Ray must have done it after breakfast, and that her mother believes he is a very good kid, even though he constantly defaces Bebe's homework. On Friday, Bebe accidentally reads a report insulting Mrs. Jewls out loud, leading to Mrs. Jewls calling Bebe's mother. Bebe's mother turns out to not know who Ray is, showing that Ray doesn't actually exist, and it was Bebe writing the comments the whole time.



  • First appearance of Calvin and Joy in Wayside School is Falling Down. Also the first appearance of Mrs. Gunn, and the first time Ray is mentioned.
  • It is revealed a few chapters later that Ray is in Miss Zarves's classroom on the nonexistent nineteenth floor.