"A Story that Isn't About Socks is a chapter from Wayside School is Falling Down It is the twenty-fifth chapter in the book.



Stephen dresses up in a three-piece suit for Class Picture Day, complete with grey trousers a grey vest, a gray jacket, a white shirt, a red and gold striped tie, and hard black shoes. His outfit contrasts the silly outfits that his classmates wear. Bebe, who's wearing polka dots and a floppy green hat, calls his outfit silly. Stephen explains that he's wearing a suit. Maurecia, who's wearing a striped bikini questions if he can swim in his suit, like she can in hers, but Stephen replies no. He explains that his suit is mainly for looking handsome and important. Todd, who's wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, asks if he do anything else, but Steven says no. DeeDee, who's wearing a black oversized t-shirt with a red heart, asks if he can play kickball in his hard shoes, to which Stephen also replies no, and that they're uncomfortable, but necessary for looking important. Paul, who's wearing cowboy and Indian P.J's, asks what the tie's for, and Stephen shows the class that if he tightens his tie, he looks more important than before. D.J. who's wearing a toga made from a bed sheet, is especially impressed. The kids encourage him to tighten his tie even more, and Stephen does so, which makes him unable to breathe, until he pulls his it so tight that it rips in half. Stephen fears that he no longer looks good, but Mrs. Jewls, wearing a flowered tank top and grass skirt points out that he's just as important as he was before, as the key to being important is to wear expensive underwear.