A Package for Mrs. Jewls illustration

Illustration by Peter Allen

"A Package for Mrs. Jewls" is the first chapter in Wayside School is Falling Down. In this chapter, Louis struggles when taking a package to Mrs. Jewls' class.


The chapter starts with Louis looking at the ground, only to be annoyed with how messy it is. He tries picking up the pencils and paper on the lawn, only to be interrupted by a delivery man who hands him a package that needs to be taken to Mrs. Jewls' class room. Louis starts up the stairs, sniffing Miss Mush's Mushroom Surprise as he walks by, and easily making it past Miss Zarves's classroom, since it doesn't exist. When he reaches the thirtieth story, the students are given a spelling bee to open the door for Louis. John wins, and opens the door, but also makes Louis shake his hand, further delaying him from dropping the package. Mrs. Jewls requests he holds the package longer, fearing that if Louis places it it may be opened in the wrong place. Finally, Mrs. Jewls reveals what's in the package: a computer. The students are annoyed, since they believe they will have more work, since the computer will help them learn faster. Mrs. Jewls, however, uses it to teach gravity by pushing it out of the window.



  • First appearances of Louis, Mrs. Jewls, Miss Mush, Allison, Jason, Jenny, John, Eric Bacon, Terrence, Maurecia, Todd, and Joe in Wayside School is Falling Down.
  • First time Sharie and Miss Zarves are mentioned in this book.
  • Only appearance of the unnamed delivery man.