Floor 18 (below) and Floor 20 (where Dana is standing), and Floor 19, where Dana attempts to bike across and into

The nineteenth floor is the floor that does not exist. Ms. Zarves teaches there. In the television series, it is a boarded up hole in the wall.

Appearances of the 19th story

  • The chapter "Miss Zarves" is a three-sentence long story simply stating that the 19th story doesn't exist.
  • The chapter on "Calvin" shows him trying to take a note to Ms. Zarves, but she doesn't exist.
  • The second book features three nineteenth chapters, "A Bad Case of the Sillies", "A Wonderful Teacher", and "Forever is Never". These all feature Allison ending up on the nineteenth story, which leads to her meeting the students there, and ending up doing constant busy work until she escapes by acting like the other students in Mrs. Jewls' class.
  • In the third book, a chapter called "Time Out" has Ms. Zarves find a cow in her classroom, which always ends up interrupting class, to the point where Ms. Zarves moves out only to be seen by no one, aside from the Men With the Attaché Cases, who convince her to go back.
  • In the cartoon, an episode called "Dana Checks Out" has Dana trying to go to every floor, until she reaches the nineteenth.
  • Another episode of the cartoon called "Myth of Nick", shows Nick (who in the cartoon is actually Louis) being a kid from the 19th story, who has many stories which others like talking about.

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